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“The simplest things give me ideas.”

Joan Miro

|-- Web Analysis
Isn't it just great,  you have a great looking Web Site, but you are not getting any visitors.  eSoftVision can help you to determine what exactly is wrong with your Web site from a technical point of  view. We provide full analytical services for your Web Site.

We can submit your Site to the top 40 Search Engines and 2000+ minor engines and FFA, to give you a better Web Presence.

The more visitors you have,  the better chance you have of doing business (e-business).Corporate web sites and intranets are bombarded with changes and updates on an hourly basis. Despite an ever-changing environment they must communicate, brand, inform and capture revenue at the highest levels of effectiveness and accuracy.

The Knowledge Platform allows you to understand the intricate structure of your web site and shows how customers move around and interact with it. The Knowledge Platform analyzes many components of customer experience and site usability and shows your web team the problems with the site, and how they can be fixed.

The Knowledge Platform seamlessly integrates with any site development and content creation tools and can be launched at any time in the lifecycle of an Internet or intranet project.

We provide a Complete Analysis of your  Web Site to spot Design flaws and programming errors. This will give you a good idea to why your site isn't listed on the major Search Engines.
We supply you with the changes to be made or we can do it for you for you directly.